Yesware Pricing: Choose the best CRM tool for your business (2023)

In this article, we take a deep look at Yesware Pricing, a CRM tool designed to improve the sales team’s efficiency and performance. We’ll also highlight its pricing and see if it’s the best fit for your business.

When dealing with prospects, every interaction with them determines the journey they make in the sales funnel. Having quality engagement with each prospect in a manner that highlights their values and pain points can set you apart from your competitors.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help your sales team track their outreach campaigns and optimize their strategies in order to close deals.

In this article, we take a deep look at Yesware, a CRM tool designed to improve the sales team’s efficiency and performance. We’ll also highlight its pricing, and features, and offer you an alternative so you can make an informed decision on what tool best fit your business needs and goals.

Why you should use a CRM software for your Business?

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CRM tools increase productivity and customer retention by automating workflows and processes.

They help you organize your contacts and give you insights on your outreach strategies and highlight areas you can improve on depending on the type of content your customers are interested in.

  1. Better customer service

Customer relations tools help improve customer experience through quick responses to customers that save time spent drafting messages for frequently asked questions.

They also offer a centralized place for sharing information and accessing data across the entire sales team.

  1. Increased sales

By automating daily tasks like reporting and analytics, your team has more time to focus on conversion strategies rather than cleaning up contact information before reaching out to prospects.

It ensures that teams have access to verified data so they can increase sales and generate more leads.

  1. Improved customer retention

The sales team can track all leads in one place, making it easy for them to resolve issues and manage replies.

It also improves the creation of content that is specific to every buyer in the sales funnel.

  1. Analytics and tracking

CRM platforms provide data about your clients and help interpret what that data means. This helps you make informed decisions and invent ways to increase customer conversion and retention.

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  1. Segregate customer data

With a CRM tool, you can get information about your leads based on specific attributes e.g location, age, gender, and the stage in the sales funnel.

This gives insights into how you can handle them across all the various stages.

  1. Efficient internal communications

Aside from helping the sales team communicate better with customers, CRM tools also make it easy for team members to communicate internally. This helps maintain a unified voice and brand.

Teams can also collaborate easily on projects, and send notifications, and emails all on the same platform.

What is Yesware

Yesware is a tool created to help sales teams track their email outreach by letting you know if your prospect received the email and whether they read the email, and gives you insights on whether to reach out again.

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It’s designed to increase the productivity of the team by automating their tasks so they can focus on building meaningful client relationships.

Yesware also provides you with insights and guides on how much reaching out is needed depending on how many leads showed interest in your outreach.

Using Yesware CRM

When conducting an email outreach, it’s important to know what strategies to use so that your emails are interesting enough to warrant a click from your prospects. Yesware lets you focus on the right content that drives more clicks and increases conversions.

  1. Know when your leads open your emails
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It gives you insights as to what kind of content your audience loved reading from you and when to follow up without being irritating.

  1. Access email templates

You can save your best email templates from your campaign so your team can reuse them in future

  1. Automatically track your outreach campaigns

It gives you insights and analytics on the most engaging content and clicks and lets you plan ahead on responses by creating automated message replies to your prospects.

  1. Access data and analytics

You can get insights on performance and analytics through the Yesware platform. It shows you the emails that performed best, click rates and engagement rates.

  1. Track your outreach

This tells you the amount of follow-up you need to do on your prospects after sending an email. It lets you plan ahead on responses and personalize messages to send to your prospects once they have opened your emails.

Yesware features

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  • Prospector

Get new business clients by accessing verified phone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, and other contact information of key decision-makers in your industry.

The search filter lets you gather information and learn more about your potential clients before you can add them to your lead management tool and turn them into a source of revenue.

  • Multichannel campaign

With Yesware, you can create automatic email campaigns that allow you to add new prospects or contact new buyers via LinkedIn Inmails or regular emails.

It lets you reach new audiences by adding them to your email campaign or through custom touches that have unique times set.

With the multichannel campaign, you can:

  • Import recipients at once or add them individually
  • Integrate a CRM tool like Salesforce and add your contacts directly from the lead management tool or bulk import the entire list
  • Easily customize emails with one single click
  • Get reminders to follow up with clients
  • Create automated responses when you don’t get a reply
  • Update email recipients whenever they leave a response so that you don’t send them the same email again
  • Send emails to prospects using Gmail and Outlook servers without the risk of them being sent to the spam folder

You can track your content performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly on the dashboard that shows you the open and engagement rates for each email you send.

  • Email templates

It saves you time by allowing you to send your leads unique emails with templates you can easily customize and reuse again anytime.

The dropdown feature is easy to use and requires no training to create new templates. With simple edits and filling in the details, you can create templates from your CRM tool or collaborate with your team to design new ones.

With the templates, you can easily add attachments, links, images, and merge fields.

  • Integration

Yesware integrates with your software and platforms so you can automate your tasks and processes.

You can use the Outlook add-on or the Gmail extension to track emails and analyze your content’s performance.

It also allows you to automatically sync your engagement data with Salesforce and track all your activity on all devices. This eliminates the tedious process of manually recording the data to your lead management tool.

  • Meeting scheduler
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Yesware allows you to set meetings easily in a few easy steps. After selecting available times for you and your clients, it automatically adds the meetings to your Google or Outlook calendar.

You can add links to email templates and once sent your contacts will receive notifications. It also allows you to add descriptions and agendas of the meeting so that everyone can prepare earlier.

It integrates with meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom for a seamless video and audio call.

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  • Reporting
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This feature gives you insight into the engagement data so that you know which kind of content performed best. This helps you plan for better emails that are engaging and entertaining for clients to open them.

You can view trends on engagements and clicks, and find ways to improve on content depending on what your audience resonates with.

Pros and Cons


You can easily track clicks

It’s easy for you to receive analytics and see the engagement rate of your emails so you can focus on creating great content that attracts more clicks, opens, and reads.

Dashboard analytics

They provide you with data and reports you can use to track click rates on a daily basis, weekly, and monthly.

Available templates

There is a wide range of templates you can use to design amazing emails that you can also reuse again or share across your team for collaboration.

Available subject lines

Yesware helps you create catchy email subjects that will attract more opens and clicks.


No insights on when you send emails to multiple recipients

This makes it challenging to get data on the specific individuals who opened or clicked your email.

Data Accuracy

It’s hard to get accurate insights on whether the emails were opened by the recipient or by a firewall.

Limited company information

This happens when companies have blocked tracking which makes it hard for the system to get information on new prospects in the company.

Yesware Pricing

It is a great tool that helps you land new deals and engage prospects in a fast and easy way.

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Yesware offers different subscription packages to meet your daily goals, with a free plan package for you if you’re just starting out.

Free plan $0 per month


  • Email open tracking
  • Attachment tracking
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Weekly webinar training
  • Email support

Pro plan $15 per month for small businesses


  • Unlimited email open tracking
  • Unlimited link tracking
  • Unlimited attachment tracking
  • Recipient engagement report
  • Personal activity report
  • Access to email and phone support

Premium plan $35 per month for scaling sales team with a higher growth rate


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  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited users
  • Shared templates and campaigns
  • Zoom meeting integration
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Customer success on-demand
  • Centralized billing system

Enterprise plan $65 per month for teams using salesforce


  • Salesforce inbox insider
  • Salesforce email reply sync
  • Salesforce calendar sync
  • Salesforce background sync
  • Salesforce summary task logging
  • Salesforce email sent sync
  • Add contacts to campaigns
  • Trusted IP ranges
  • Customized training

Custom plan


  • Security review
  • Legal review
  • Salesforce force sync on
  • Managed package reporting
  • Salesforce customization
  • Salesforce event type and calendar sync
  • Payment via invoice
  • Access to a customer success manager

Yesware Alternative: Aloregrowth

Aloregrowth is an AI-powered CRM that helps you find business emails and phone numbers, automate campaigns, and monitor the performance of the sales team.

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It gives you details of your prospects and company information including social media links to help you close deals faster and increase your business growth.

With Alore CRM, you can send personalized emails to your prospects throughout their entire sales journey. It allows you to set meetings and create reminders for follow-ups, and automatically sends responses to your leads.

Why choose Aloregrowth?

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  1. Build relationships

It allows you to send bulk emails that are personalized and tailored to the needs of your lead contact.

  1. Increase motivation

You can recognize and reward your team’s performance by checking productivity analysis on the leaderboard which creates a sense of competition.

  1. Monitor performance

The sales team can set targets and you can analyze performance by generating a report that shows their conversion ratio and team performance across the team.

  1. Easy to generate stakeholder reports

Aloregrowth CRM eliminates the need to track your revenue report manually giving you an automatic report with updated data that keep your investors updated.

Alore pricing

Aloregrowth CRM is a one-stop solution for all your sales needs. They offer a wide range of Features ranging from Email finder, customer intelligence, sales rep analytics, and Drip campaigner, to Real-time reporting.

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$49 per month

  • Unlimited email finder and validation credits
  • Social media reveal for all contacts
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Integration with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho, etc
  • Automate drip campaigns
  • Send unlimited emails and per-recipient tracking
  • Unlimited doc storage and per-recipient tracking
  • AI-powered sales assistant
  • Unlimited call logging via Android App
  • Set targets and get daily end-a-day reports
  • Task, Events, Notes, and No-response reminders
Yesware Pricing: Choose the best CRM tool for your business (12)


With Aloregrowth, you can sign up for free to experience a CRM tool that automates your campaign and manages your sales team all in one place.

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If you want to increase efficiency and automate your sales team’s workflow, a CRM tool would greatly benefit your business.

Yesware and Aloregrowth CRMs reduce the workload spent in generating contact information for your prospects and automate all email outreach campaigns.

Aloregrowth offers flexible packages for your team and individuals alike to help them increase their sales performance effortlessly. Sign up to experience seamless frictionless prospecting.


What is the cost for Yesware? ›

Yesware has 3 different plans: Pro at $15.00 per user per month. Premium at $35.00 per user per month. Enterprise at $65.00 per user per month.

Is Yesware free? ›

No credit card required. Yesware is free to try forever. If you manage a team, contact sales.

What is Yesware used for? ›

Yesware is mainly focused on customer relations and acting as an assistant to salespeople, so it comes with features that are useful to businesses and companies, such as email scheduling, a meeting booking tool, email tracking, and customizable templates.

Does Yesware integrate with Salesforce? ›

Yesware's Enterprise edition syncs directly with Salesforce, making it easy to keep your Salesforce account in sync with your most up-to-date customer information.

How do I get rid of Yesware? ›

How do I uninstall Yesware? [Gmail]
  1. Go to Tools > Add-Ons (might be Firefox Menu > Add-Ons depending on your version)
  2. Find Yesware on the list and click the "Remove" button.
  3. Refresh Gmail.
Dec 16, 2020

Is Yesware safe to use? ›

Yesware has been awarded the Skyhigh CloudTrust™ rating of Enterprise-Ready. Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

Does Yesware work with Gmail? ›

Yesware for Gmail is compatible with all G Suite accounts and accounts with the latest version of Google's Chrome browser. Yesware's intuitive features integrate into the Gmail workflow you already use. See Activity, Templates, Campaigns and My Reports at the top of your inbox.

Does Yesware work with Outlook? ›

Yesware for Outlook is compatible with Outlook Desktop 2016 or above, and Outlook on the Web with the latest version of Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer. Yesware's intuitive features integrate into the Outlook workflow you already use.

Is Yesware Hipaa compliant? ›

Conclusion. Yesware is not HIPAA compliant.

How to use Yesware? ›

In order to ensure that email tracking is enabled, visit the “Yesware” drop-down menu in the top left of Gmail. When you select “Preferences”, a pop-up window will appear with options to toggle on/off various features. From here, you can toggle on the “track opens” and/or “track links.”

Does Yesware work on mobile? ›

Not at this time.

How many emails can I send with Yesware? ›

Unlimited email open tracking. Unlimited email link tracking. Unlimited attachment tracking. 20 Campaign recipients/month.

How do I link Yesware to Salesforce? ›

Connecting to Salesforce

First, click on the "Salesforce" tab of your Yesware Sidebar. Then, click the Authenticate with Salesforce button. You can also integrate Salesforce via this link. If you aren't already logged in to Salesforce, you'll need to do so now.

Does Yesware work with Safari? ›

Yesware for Gmail is available on the current version of the Chrome. We do not support any other browsers at this time.

Does Yesware work for Outlook for Mac? ›

Note: on Outlook for Mac, we currently support the old Outlook for Mac experience. This is related to development that is needed on Microsoft's side to make certain add-ins compatible in the new Outlook for Mac experience. We recommend toggling to the old experience to use Yesware.

How do I hide Yesware in Gmail? ›

1) Open a new tab and enter chrome://extensions into the address bar. 2) Find Yesware on the list and click 'Remove. ' 3) Refresh Gmail.

How do I connect Yesware to Gmail? ›

To enable Link Click Tracking in Gmail:
  1. Click the Yesware drop-down menu in the top left corner of Gmail.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Go to the "Tracking" section.
  4. Toggle on "Track Links"
Jun 27, 2022

How do I get Yesware for Gmail? ›

You can install Yesware directly from our website. We offer a trial to all new users that can be accessed here. Once you visit that link, click on your inbox type and then you'll need to sign into your email and grant Yesware access. It's as easy as that!

Does Yesware work on Mac? ›

If you are a Mac Desktop user and do not want to use the Send with Yesware button, there is another option for you. You can use Yesware "Direct Install." If you are on an Outlook version below 2008 (Build 13127.21064), we recommend updating to a more recent build to use the standard send button.

How do I remove Yesware from Outlook? ›

How to Uninstall COM Version of Yesware and Install Yesware for O365 [Outlook]
  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Locate Programs & Feature or Uninstall a Program.
  4. Click on "Yesware for Outlook" then Uninstall.
Dec 21, 2020

How many employees does Yesware have? ›

Yesware has 99 employees What industry does Yesware belong to? Yesware is in the industry of: Software Development & Design, Software What is Yesware competition? Yesware top competitors include: Mixmax Inc, Cirrus Insight Co, SalesHood Inc, Datanyze Inc What companies has Yesware acquired?

How many people can you email on Yesware? ›

Yesware's Campaigns feature has a limit of 900 recipients per upload and a limit of 5000 recipients per campaign. Our Pro Plan allows 20 recipients/month and our Free plan allows 10 recipients/month. Note: When creating a . csv file to import recipients, always put the "email" column first.


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