Android 14 'Upside Down Cake': Everything you need to know about Google's big update for 2023 (2023)

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The most exciting thing about a big Android update is being able to follow a pattern to get a taste of all the new features. Google's Android 12 update marked the biggest visual redesign of the operating system since Android 5 Lollipop thanks to Material You. The new design philosophy, along with an exhaustive list of new features, made Android 12 look and feel radically different from previous iterations. Android 13 then came along and doubled down on many of the same aesthetic choices. Now we're moving on to Android 14, and there will likely be even more under-the-hood changes.


Android 14's first beta hasn't arrived yet, but we already have some hints about what to expect in the future. Each new release will add new features and smaller improvements to different elements of the Android system. In the coming months, the first developer previews are expected to arrive for all the supported Pixel devices and some other non-Pixel phones. If you want all there is to know about Android 14 in one place; then you've come to the right page.

What's Android 14 called?

Google ditched its dessert naming scheme for Android two years ago with Android 10's brand redesign. The use of dessert names, however, has continued for the company's internal development teams. Android 11, for instance, was called Red Velvet, while Android 12 is known as Snow Cone. Similarly, Android 13 is called Tiramisu. Google is no longer keeping Android 14's a secret since it was found in one of the AOSP Gerrit commits back in July last year.

For those of you who are curious, these have been the dessert names (internal or public) of all the Android versions so far:

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  • Android 1.5: Cupcake
  • Android 1.6: Donut
  • Android 2.0: Eclair
  • Android 2.2: Froyo
  • Android 2.3: Gingerbread
  • Android 3.0: Honeycomb
  • Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Android 4.1: Jelly Bean
  • Android 4.4: KitKat
  • Android 5.0: Lollipop
  • Android 6.0: Marshmallow
  • Android 7.0: Nougat
  • Android 8.0: Oreo
  • Android 9: Pie
  • Android 10: Quince Tart
  • Android 11: Red Velvet Cake
  • Android 12: Snow Cone
  • Android 13: Tiramisu
  • Android 14: Upside Down Cake

There is no known release date for Android 14 yet, but we suspect that it will follow the same release cadence as in previous years. Android 13 dropped in its developer preview form in February 2022, followed by another developer preview, then four more beta releases until the final release of Android 13. We can expect then that the first developer preview for Android 14 will be around the same time.

For developers, you can expect to see Android 14 hit "platform stability" sometime around the third beta if Google follows the same release timeline as last year. Platform stability refers to the finalization of APIs, and last year, it coincided with the ability for developers to submit apps targeting the new API level on the Google Play Store.

Will my device get Android 14?

Android 14 'Upside Down Cake': Everything you need to know about Google's big update for 2023 (1)

If you have a recent Google Pixel smartphone, like the new Pixel 7 series, rest assured that you will be one of the first to get a taste of Android 14 when it drops. It will still only be in developer preview form (and thus, probably shouldn't be installed on your daily driver), but you'll still be able to try it out. We also expect other device manufacturers to join in on the fun, though it tends to be the case that devices from places like OnePlus and Xiaomi aren't updated as regularly. In other words, beware.

However, if you really want to try Android 14 when it comes out on your smartphone, and there's no official build, you can try out a Generic System Image (GSI). We'll be sure to update this section with more information when the first developer preview drops. We expect the first Developer Preview to arrive in February, which would be keeping in time with previous releases.

What's new in Android 14 so far?

While Android 14 isn't here yet, we already know of a few changes that are coming to the platform.

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Google may stop you sideloading outdated applications

As Google updates the Android operating system, it tends to clamp down on the access previously afforded to apps. Each update tends to come with an increment in the API level, which incorporates new changes. However, to not break compatibility with those applications, the company will support older API levels, too, with apps being granted the same level of access that target those older API levels.

However, Android 14 may begin to entirely block Android apps that target ancient versions of the platform. There are already minimum API levels required for submitting apps to the Google Play Store, but those aren't enforced on a system level. Nothing previously stopped you from sideloading app builds for an older version of Android.

This move aims to curb the spread of malware. "Malware can target older SDK versions to avoid enforcement of new API behavior," notes the developer responsible for the change. Users will still have the option to install outdated apps on their devices through a command shell using a new flag, but the process won't be as simple as sideloading an APK. By making the process more complicated, Google will make it less likely for users to install a malware-laden app on their devices unintentionally.

Android has had a problem with its share menu for a long time now. While updates in the past have attempted to fix it, it's not consistent across OEM variants of Android or even apps, and it's just, in general, a mess. The screenshot below shows exactly what I mean.

Android 14 'Upside Down Cake': Everything you need to know about Google's big update for 2023 (2)
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The problem even exists across different OEMs that also use AOSP as a base.

Android 14 'Upside Down Cake': Everything you need to know about Google's big update for 2023 (3)

Thankfully, it seems that Google might move the Android Sharesheet to a Project Mainline module in a future release to address the share menu's inconsistencies, according to other reports. To that end, Google has added a new app to the system image with Android 13 QPR1 beta. Android 13 QPR1's source code reveals that the new "Intent Resolver" app will handle the implementation of Android's "chooser" code, which invokes the Android Sharesheet by forcing users to select which app to use for the share action.

By moving the Android Sharesheet to a Project Mainline module, Google can now offer a more consistent system share menu across Android devices from different OEMs. It will also allow the company to experiment with what works and what doesn't, improving it without the need for a wholesale system update. It's not confirmed that Google will be going ahead with this, but it seems likely.

Updatable root certificates are coming

Root certificates are at the very core of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and they're signed by trusted Certificate Authorities (CA). Sometimes, though, those CAs become untrustworthy, and there needs to be a way for devices to receive new certificates to ensure complete access to the internet. Previously with Android, the only way to distribute new certificates was via an OTA update since they're stored in your phone's system partition.

That's set to change in the future, likely with Android 14 as Google is making the root store on your phone (the store that basically tells your phone what certificates are accepted) part of the Conscrypt Mainline module that can be updated via Google Play System Updates. It doesn't matter to most users, but it safeguards your phone against a potential internet catastrophe should a major certificate authority suddenly become untrustworthy overnight.

Health Connect may come as part of Android 14

There are countless health-tracking apps on Android, but not every single app will cover every single vital that you may want to track. Apps can and do elect to share data individually with other apps, but previously, there was no one API that health apps could leverage to share data. Health Connect is Google's answer to the problem, able to act as an intermediary for these tracking apps to share data with each other. If MyFitnessPal wants to take data from Samsung Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit, it previously needed to interface directly with each of these apps. In this case, it only needs to connect to Health Connect, and Health Connect will handle all of those connections for it.

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Health Connect is actually available on the Google Play Store today, but the problem is that it's not pre-installed on your phone, so not everyone knows about it. Google has signaled its intention to have it pre-installed on at least some phones, and presumably, the company is waiting until it's out of beta to do just that. Reports suggest that it will come with Android 14 and possibly as a Mainline module. It's not confirmed, but there's a lot of strong evidence to suggest that is the case.

Say goodbye to Android Beam

After being deprecated in Android 10, Google will finally be removing Android Beam from AOSP, according to a commit on the Android Gerrit. Android Beam could be used to connect two devices to start a data transfer easily. It's already been replaced by Nearby Share, which essentially does the same thing, so it's not a big deal.

However, the biggest issue is that Nearby Share relies on Google Mobile Services (GMS), meaning that Google has basically taken a feature away from AOSP and hidden it behind a proprietary service that isn't a part of AOSP. This means manufacturers who aren't (or can't be, such as Huawei) a part of Google's own licensing agreements for GMS will miss out on a feature.

Say hello over satellite

Android 14 will, according to Google's Senior Vice President for Android Hiroshi Lockheimer, support satellite communication. He said that Google is "designing for satellites" and that the company is excited to support partners "in enabling all of this in the next version of Android." Given the pressure from the likes of Apple, which also recently introduced satellite support to the iPhone 14 series, it seems to be the direction the industry is moving in.

Still have plenty to learn about Android 14

Android 14 is quite a ways away from now, but we're likely to hear more as we edge closer to the first developer preview. We'll either hear of those changes through the Android Gerrit or statements from Google and spokespeople. We'll be sure to update this article as more information comes to light, and we're looking forward to what the next version of the world's largest operating system will bring to the table next.

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What is the upcoming Android version 2023? ›

Based on Android 13 and previous releases, the stable release can be expected to happen in August or September 2023. Like past Android releases, we expect Android 14 to become available on all current flagship phones currently on the market at some point after its stable launch.

What is Android 14.0 called? ›

Android 14 Upside Down Cake is a version of the Android operating system introduced in April 2023 and released in August 2023. Android 14 has a plethora of new features.

Which phones get Android 14? ›

Android 14 Supported Phones

Android 14 eligible phones list might include Google Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 5a 5G, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 5, and Pixel 5XL.

How many years will Android last? ›

Some devices can even last upwards of five years if treated gently. However, you might start noticing a decline at around the three-year mark. It's usually at this point that your hardware becomes outdated, with no new operating system updates from developers.

Can Android last 10 years? ›

Yes, It's Possible. - The New York Times. Personal Tech|A Smartphone That Lasts a Decade? Yes, It's Possible.

Who defeated Android 15? ›

Along with Android 13 and Android 14, Android 15 was quite close to the final Android form, however like their predecessors they had one problem or another and as such were presumed to have been destroyed by Dr. Gero.

When Android 14 will launch? ›

We expect a developer beta early in 2023, followed by a dedicated keynote at Google I/O detailing all the changes, and a late summer release is most definitely in the cards for Android 14 in 2023.

How do I know when my Android needs replacing? ›

8 Warning Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Android Phone
  1. The Battery Runs Out Quickly. ...
  2. It's Too Slow to Use. ...
  3. It's Outdated and Lacking Updates. ...
  4. New Apps Won't Run. ...
  5. Apps Crash Frequently. ...
  6. It's Got a Poor Quality Camera. ...
  7. The Phone Shows Signs of Wear and Tear. ...
  8. You're Running Out of Storage.
Jun 9, 2022

What is the name of Android 15? ›

Android version 1.5: Cupcake

On April 27, 2009, the Android updated to 1.5 with the codename of the dessert item (Cupcake).

What will Android 13 be called? ›

Android 13 (internally codenamed Tiramisu) was announced in an Android blog posted on February 10, 2022, and the first Developer Preview was immediately released for the Google Pixel series (from Pixel 4 to Pixel 6, dropping support for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a).

What is the highest Android version now? ›

Android 13 is the latest version of Android, and it was released on August 15, 2022. It arrived first on Google Pixel phones, but was quickly rolled out to Samsung Galaxy devices as well.

Which phones will get Android 16? ›

This means that the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Tab S8 series, and Galaxy S21 FE which all run Android 12 at launch will receive Android 16. The Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3 will only receive Android 15.

What is the best Android phone to upgrade to? ›

The Pixel 7 offers the best version of Android, with guaranteed security updates through fall 2027—plus the best Android smartphone camera we've ever tested.

How long should you keep a cell phone? ›

From physical durability to a smooth operating system, a phone can reach its peak usage anywhere between two and three years. After this, and sometimes before, users consider the switch to a new model.

Which Android phone will stop working? ›

Some tracfones, flip phones, Jitterbugs and even older-style smartphones will no longer be able to make calls once the networks are taken down. Most of these phones, which are sometimes called “third generation” phones were launched nearly 20 years ago and will no longer work with most of the carriers in 2022.

How often should you buy a new phone? ›

Nonetheless, replacing your device every two years is still a good idea. Even if the phone functions well, the hardware and operating system are antiquated by the time the phone is two years old.

Which smartphone has the longest lifespan? ›


Like OnePlus, Xiaomi smartphones also get up to three years of Android updates. The smartphones get Android security updates for up to four years consecutively, making them as long-lived as smartphones from competitor OnePlus.

Which Android version is outdated? ›

Initial version: 1.0; released on September 23, 2008, and called Petit Four internally. Final version: 1.1, Released on February 9, 2009. Google no longer supports Android 1.0.

Is An iPhone more secure than an Android phone? ›

So what is more secure: Android or iOS? Studies show that mobile malware targets Android much more than iOS, so for this reason, and all the others stated in this article, iOS is more secure. While you can remove malware from Android and iPhone, it's better not to get it in the first place.

Is Android 18 human now? ›

Despite being labeled an "Android", she is still Human and completely organic, so instead she was genetically altered given superhuman abilities in the process, and can still grow in skills and power through training like the superhumans.

Who is strongest Android? ›

Android 8 is incredibly physically strong and durable. He shields Goku from bullets and takes on Major Metallitron, indicating he's even stronger.

Who Will Defeat Super Android 17? ›

In the 2005 video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, Cell defeats Gohan and confronts Super 17, defeating him when the two conflict over a shared interest in killing Goku.

Is the phone 14 out yet? ›

The iPhone 14 was released on September 16, 2022.

How can I get Android 22? ›

Get the latest Android updates available for you
  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Near the bottom, tap System. System update.
  3. You'll see your update status. Follow any steps on the screen.

When did Phone 14 come out? ›

The iPhone 14 will be released to the market on September 16, 2022. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Plus will be available on October 7.

What happens if you don't update your Android phone? ›

That includes Android phones — if you don't update your phone, you could encounter a variety of problems, including performance issues and malware. Keeping your phone updated should be considered essential, but it won't protect you from privacy breaches and all malware.

What are signs that your phone is hacked? ›

How to Know If Someone is Hacking Your Phone
  • Your phone loses charge quickly. Malware and fraudulent apps sometimes use malicious code that tends to drain a lot of power.
  • Your phone runs abnormally slowly. ...
  • You notice strange activity on your other online accounts. ...
  • You notice unfamiliar calls or texts in your logs.

What are the signs that you need a new cell phone? ›

Should I Get a New Phone? 5 Signs It's Time
  • Sign #1: Cracked phone screen.
  • Sign #2: Blurry or dark photos.
  • Signs #3:Phone battery dying.
  • Sign #4: Your phone won't upgrade to newest operating system.
  • Sign #5: Storage space running out.
  • What to do with old cell phones.
Apr 13, 2018

Are Android 17 and 18 human now? ›

Android 17 is a half-human, half-machine created by the evil scientist Dr. Gero. Android 18 is actually his twin sister, and when they were still regular humans their names were Lapis and Lazuli. Both are fitted with perpetual energy reactors, meaning they have effectively infinite stamina.

What is Android 19 called? ›

NameInternal codenameAPI level
Android Jelly BeanJelly Bean18
Android KitKatKey Lime Pie19
Android LollipopLemon Meringue Pie21
31 more rows

Is Android 17 a boy or girl? ›

Android 17 is a handsome fair-skinned young man with a similar appearance to his fraternal twin sister.

Is Android 13 a redneck? ›

Android 13 (人造人間13号) is a redneck. He is Dr. Gero's thirteenth android creation. He was initially designed to serve Dr. Gero's vendetta against Goku, who overthrew the Red Ribbon Army as a child. He is the main antagonist of the movie Super Android 13.

How much RAM does Android 13 need? ›

Android 13 raises minimum system requirement to 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage.

Is Android 13 available? ›

Android 13 is now released on supported testing. After months of beta testing, Google has announced the stable update is now available for download on Pixel devices. Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, and other OEMs will start rolling out Android 13 based on their skin to their respective smartphones soon.

Which Android is the fastest? ›

According to the AnTuTu scores discovered, the iQOO 11 is the world's fastest Android smartphone. The launch of the smartphone is confirmed for January 10, 2023. The smartphone would be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC and would likely be the first smartphone in India to sport that chip.

What happens when you tap Android version? ›

Quickly and repeatedly tap 'Android Version' on the next screen. You should now see a clock, turn the hands until it hits 1 o'clock. Your screen will fill with colourful blobs of various sizes. Long press on any part of the display, and the blobs transform into emoji.

Which Android has longest support? ›

OnePlus is adding an extra year to its smartphone update promise and is now offering four years of major OS updates and five years of security updates. Timeline-wise, this plan matches Samsung's, though Samsung offers monthly security updates and OnePlus doesn't.

When Android 13 will come? ›

When will Android 13 be available? On 15 August 2022, the Pixel 4, Pixel 5, and Pixel 6 devices got Android 13 as a free over-the-air software update. "This month, all supported Pixel devices running Android 12 will receive the Android 13 software update, which begins rolling out for most users today.

Which phone will get Android 13? ›

The company notes that Android 13 will be available to devices from Samsung, Asus, HMD (Nokia phones), iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more “later this year”.

What is the next version of Android called? ›

What is Android 13? We got our first glimpse at Android 13 in February 2022 when Google released the first developer preview of the software to help developers get their apps ready for the stable release.

When did Android 14 launch? ›

We expect a developer beta early in 2023, followed by a dedicated keynote at Google I/O detailing all the changes, and a late summer release is most definitely in the cards for Android 14 in 2023.

What is Android 15 called? ›

NameInternal codenameAPI level
Android HoneycombHoneycomb13
Android Ice Cream SandwichIce Cream Sandwich14
Android Jelly BeanJelly Bean16
31 more rows

Is Android 6 a marshmallow? ›

Marshmallow (Android 6.0 release) improves how you find information on your smartphone and tablet. It offers a fingerprint scanner for advanced device security and lets you control which permissions apps can use. You'll also enjoy longer battery life with the new, smarter power-saving features.

What Android is better than iPhone 13? ›

Samsung Galaxy S21 series (starting at Rs 55,000)

So is it any surprise that the Galaxy S21 family is easily one of the best iPhone 13 alternatives on the market. Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra, All three phones offer 120Hz OLED panels, 5G connectivity, 12MP ultra-wide cameras, and 8K video recording.

What devices will get one UI 5? ›

List of Galaxy devices that have received the Android 13 and One UI 5 update:
  • Galaxy S22 series.
  • Galaxy S21 series.
  • Galaxy S20 series.
  • Galaxy Note 20/Note 20 Ultra.
  • Galaxy A53 5G.
  • Galaxy A33 5G.
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4.
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4.
Dec 28, 2022

Can I install Android 13 on my phone? ›

If you have a supported Google Pixel device, you can check and update your Android version to receive Android 13 over the air. In most cases, you don't need to do a full reset of your data to move to Android 13, but it's recommended that you back up data before installing Android 13 on your device.

Which Android version is best? ›

1 Android 13

Android 13 is the latest release from the software and as such it is the best, combining all previously mentioned features with plenty of additions. It's the fastest Android option, most adaptable, and most customizable in history. It only recently launched in August of 2022.

What is the new Android Easter egg? ›

Just like pretty much every other Android easter egg, the latest one requires you to go into your settings and find the 'about phone' screen, then repeatedly tap on the software version. When successful, you get an on-screen clock, and when you move the hands to 12 o'clock you get the Android 12 screen.

Is Android Easter egg? ›

The Easter egg is a hidden feature in the Android operating system, which can be accessed by performing some specific steps in the settings menu. Every Android device comes with this hidden feature. The process of unlocking this feature is mostly similar to the recent version of Android.


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